About Us

What Makes Midline different from the Rest?

Midline Movement Physical Therapy is an out of network physical therapy clinic.  What does that mean?  A lot.  A more in-depth analysis of what that means can be found in the Rates/Insurance section.  One major that benefits the patient is that your treatment is solely based on what the therapist thinks you need in order to get improve as quickly as possible.  During your visits to Midline you will receive one-on-one attention.  The skilled therapist will be doing the majority of the work unlike at in-network therapy clinics that are influenced by reimbursement and corporate numbers.  

What About the Treatment is Different Though?

Over the years research continues to gather more and more clinical evidence on what works the best and what doesn't.  Midline Movement works with evidence based research to help establish a foundational evaluation coupled with an effective home exercise program, but it's our treatment that sets us apart.  As research continues to deepen, advancement in joint mobilization techniques have proven that traditional theory no longer holds true in all cases.  We  utilize unique  joint mobilization/manipulation and positional release techniques that will help you break through those restrictions that you've had for years.  Also, understanding what your limitation is (neuro, muscular, joint) and what's feeding into, or contributing, to your abnormal pattern is key for patient success as well.  During your comprehensive evaluation and treatments you will understand why your limitation exist, receive the treatment to correct them,  and receive guidance on how you can prevent it moving forward. 

Why Chose Us?

At this point you are probably wondering if this is for you?  Midline Movement and its treatment is for everyone.  No matter your age, activity level, or limitation.  If you are an athlete that is looking to return to sport quickly, someone who has an injury or pain that hasn't been resolved with conventional therapy, or someone hoping to avoid surgery and or pain killers, this therapy is for you! 

Midline Movement Philosophy

Our Approach to Evaluation and Treatment

Midline movement gets its name from the foundational approach that it takes to physical therapy.  When the body is in midline it functions optimally.  All systems(muscular, skeletal, nervous) seek homeostasis or a normal resting position that allows them to function properly.  It is the changes in these systems that start to illicit failures in their performance and provoke things like pain, weakness, numbness, tingling, limited motion, or tension.  Understanding that changes in function and performance can come from simple things like repetitive motion over time, from trauma that you in the past, or injuries that have just recently happened is important.  Also, have you ever had an injury that was quite severe, but never sought any medical attention for it?  If so, you need to understand that at the time of the injury the body experienced stressors or force to the tissue much greater than what it could handle therefore leading to the damage and pain you felt at the time.  But is is these forces that are often left unresolved that lead to lingering issues along with chronic pain with increase risk for further injury down the road. 

Let us explain.  For example, have you ever been exercising or just doing things around your home and twisted your knee to the point of pain?  During the twisting of the knee the tissue is stressed past the point of normal tension or past end-range motion.  It's this excessive forces that results in the injury occurring.  What people don't understand, and is often not explained, is that during the injury the joint and tissue changed position, and in almost all cases likely have not returned to their prior position pre-injury.  When the structure changes position and attempts to relocation, or repositioning, it does not return the exact position.  It is this structual change along with allowing the surrounding tissues to heal abnormally that leads to the issue people deal with, either during the acute stages or later on down the road.  When the structure does not recover its neutral resting position you will find reduction in healing time, abnormal or lack of motion, neurological symptoms,  chronic soreness and tissue tenderness, abnormal muscular tension, fibrotic changes, and lingering issues down the road.  Not only does the knee, for example, become a weakness in the chain, but it's this weak point that will influence the function of the joints above and below it.  Eventually increasing the risk for injury to those structures as well.  By assessing the change in position, resetting the joint position, and addressing soft tissue length-tension we can allow the body to now optimize healing that has been hinder from the start, improve long-term outcomes, and prevent any further damage.  

It is our goal to diagnose and assess what your body has lost, and give it back to you.  The human body is often stuck in these chronic patterns for years.  The result of chronic abnormalities results in the symptoms we often always seek therapy for like weakness, tightness, numbness, tingling, limited mobility and pain.   The key to resolution is figuring out why these symptoms are occurring in order to resolve them. When you restore normal movement and midline positioning you can instantly facilitate and inhibit the systems and the symptoms listed above.  

One other important element that we focus on is prevention.  Our philosophy integrates treatment that prevents the degeneration process  that breakdowns the tissue like cartilage (the padding in our joints) and spinal discs that eventually lead to surgical intervention like joint replacement or arthroscopic surgery.  That is another element that makes our treatment technique unique.  It can be offered as a preventative method for those at risk for these processes.  

So if you are looking to resolve a long term pain issues, restore normal motion, improve athletic or functional performance, prevent further joint breakdown or spinal degeneration, or just looking to prevent further injuries down the road we can help. Schedule an initial evaluation today to see how we can help you with those issues that have been hindering you for years


Midline Movement Difference


Patient-Therapist Treatment

Midline Movement is a fee-for service therapy clinic that provides one-on-one treatment for patient seeking optimal results in short period of time.  


All Treatment is Performed by Doctor of PT

During your time at Midline Movement your treatment will be performed by a doctor of physical therapy.  Often clinics will book more than one patient at time or even use technicians for exercise performance to maximize reimbursement from insurance, we don't.  Patients will get 100% of their time with a skilled PT who will be performing hands on treatment. 


Time Well Spent

The time spent at Midline will be your time.  The attention that you will get will be from you physical therapist and no other employees like techs.  No wasted time doing tedious exercises