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Dr. Joseph Kik, PT, DPT, PTA, CPT

Dr. Kik has been working in the health field since he graduated from Hope College in 2006 where he earned his bachelors of arts in exercise science.  He started working locally as a personal trainer receiving his certification through the National Academy of Sport Medicine.  Even though he was committing the majority of his time as a trainer, his end goal was to work in the field of physical therapy.  After nearly 5 years in personal training he continued to balancing school, and eventually earned his physical therapy assistant degree from Baker College of Muskegon in 2012.  After passing his board exam he started working locally in Grand Rapids at a private practice.

During his time practicing as a PTA he was able to work with patients and develop manual skills that were unique to what was taught in standard practice.  It was also during his time as a PTA he was accepted to the University of Findlay's physical therapy bridge program.  This program is one of two programs in the country that allows PTAs to continue their education and earn a Doctorate of Physical Therapy.  After almost three years of traveling to Ohio for school, practicing full time, and starting his family he finally earned his degree and passed his board exam.  

One benefit of the transitional doctorate program is that he was able to use his education on a daily basis as he was actively practicing.  Throughout the years of practicing and school he found many useful manual techniques that he could incorporated into his practice in order to optimize outcomes.  Having a diverse and unique skill set allows Dr. Kik to practice beyond what standard physical therapy brings to the table.  Although there are many useful tools out there, he feels that having manual skills that go beyond the basic knowledge of the human body help to dissect, diagnose, and treat difficult conditions while yield quicker and more immediate results. 

Dr. Kik is supported by his wife Stephanie, son Krew, and daughter Willow.  He enjoys being active and spending as much time with family as he can.  He is an avid snowboarder in the winter, practices yoga, works out for overall health, and is an average golfer who enjoys a high handicap when he's with his friends.  

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